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The Iterative Process

The Internet has fundamentally changed how people expect to interact with software. Gone are the days of annual releases, user manuals, and installing from discs. Today, users expect a dynamic, interactive experience, and building this experience for them requires not only using the latest frameworks and technology, but also adopting modern practices for software development.

At Iterative, we believe in Agile. Our development process emphasizes tight feedback loops and a highly collaborative design and development process. This enables our clients to plan, change direction and priorities, have flexibility, and manage expectations effectively.

Agile development methodology provides frequent opportunities for our clients to evaluate and steer the direction of a project throughout the software development lifecycle. This is achieved by working in sprints. A sprint is a specific duration of time (typically 2-4 weeks) during which we focus on a set number of development tasks. At the beginning of each sprint, you get to decide which features from the backlog you want to schedule next, providing you with the freedom to easily change direction in the middle of a project.

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Iterative Consulting uses the latest technologies to serve our clients. Some of the tools we use include JIRA for issue tracking, BitBucket for version control, and a variety of Continuous Integration (CI) solutions. We keep the communication lines open through Slack, email, video conferencing, and phone correspondence. We can either install an entire software development workflow for our clients or integrate seamlessly into our clients’ existing processes.

Whether you have an existing production application with many users that requires testing and scheduling, or need to get a new product to market quickly . . . we can scale to fit your needs!

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