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Full-Stack Web Application Development

As a full service shop, we are able to provide front-end, back-end, and full-stack development in all stages of building a web application, from initial concept to finished product. Our talented web developers are experienced at building web applications in many different languages and stacks, including Ruby on Rails, Play!, .NET MVC, and NodeJS / Express, and at using modern front-end frameworks, such as AngularJS and React.

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Data Analysis

Data Analysis is the process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making. Our data scientists use a variety of tools and techniques, from basic statistical modeling to machine learning, to test hypotheses and derive meaningful insights from data.

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Interactive Visualizations and Reports

Interactive visualizations allow the user to be part of the data visualization process by building a story of their choosing, while reports give rise to accurate analyses of the facts on the ground. Our experienced team of data scientists and web developers collaborate to build stunning visualizations and dynamic reports using a variety of tools, including d3js, R, and python.

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Application Prototyping

Application prototyping is the activity of rapidly building a simple working prototype, or Minimum Viable Product (MVP), that illustrates a concept. This is often the first stage in building an application, where the stakeholders can cheaply and quickly bring an idea to life with a simple, working prototype, and then use lessons learned during the prototyping phase to make future decisions about the direction of the project.

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Deployments and Security

Our cloud and security team specializes in getting new software up and running properly in the cloud, building continuous integration and continuous deployment solutions, and performing security audits of existing web applications and network infrastructure.

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